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Inuktitut writing systems & grammar

Standardized Writing Systems and Inuktitut Grammar

Part of Pirurvik's "Inuktitut First Language Enhancement Series", this course builds the confidence of first language speakers in writing and speaking the Inuit language. It includes instruction on the ICI standardized writing system for both syllabics (qaniujaaqpait) and roman orthography (qaliujaaqpait) along with practical writing exercises.


Atangiivik | Inuktut Second Language for Beginners, Level 3

This course completes the introduction to the fundamentals of Inuktitut grammar. Participants use the language with more complexity to talk about such topics as travel plans, daily routines and their likes and dislikes. This course supports students in mastering the vocabulary and grammar concepts introduced in the first two courses.

30 hours  

Inuktitut Keyboarding and Computing

Inuktitut Keyboarding and Computing | Naqittautiliriniq

Part of Pirurvik's "Inuktitut First Language Enhancement Series", this course will train students to become proficient in Inuktitut typing as well as in the latest Inuktitut computing technology, including the syllabic keyboard layouts on Microsoft Vista and Apple OSX.

Inuktitut Sanngatigiarvik: Professional Writing

Inuktitut First Language Series: Sanngattigiarvik | Inuktitut Professional Writing

Inuktitut Sanngatigiarvik 1

Inuktitut First Language Enhancement : Sanngattigiarvik

Sanngattigiarvik is a ground-breaking course intended to provide Inuit with the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills in Inuit language and culture. This program enables learners to learn directly from our respected Elders with a solid understanding of Inuit cultural practices and Inuktitut language. Topics include:



Allurvik | Inuktut Second Language for Beginners, Level 2

Following successful completion of the Pigiarvik course, the Allurvik program builds more complex language skills including talking about events in the past and future, telling time, discussing travel plans. Students are introduced to the syllabic writing system, while refining their skills in roman orthography. Our instructors work with students to perfect their pronunciation.

30 hours


Pigiarvik | Inuktut Second Language for Beginners, Level 1