Inuktitut Computing Resources

Since its founding in 2003, the Pirurvik Centre has been at the forefront of developments in Inuktitut computing. We believe that computers are critical tools for expression and creation. Inuktitut stands to gain tremendously through developments in computing support. 

Beginning in 2004, and in collaboration with Microsoft and the Government of Nunavut, Pirurvik undertook an intensive, large scale project to adapt the Inuktitut language into current computer software. In the span of these years Inuktitut transitioned from essentially no support on computers to that of technical parity with major world languages.This has included the creation of Inuktitut langauge versions of Microsoft software, the availability of computer industry standards supported Inuktitut syllabic fonts, Inuktitut language locales, syllabics keyboards and more.

In conjunction with general computer industry changes and movement towards online, open source and internationalized software the Inuktitut language is now on strong footing to improve and grow in the computing/online world.

The barriers to use at this point in time have more to do with learning about these new tools. With so many possibilities available, we have decided to make this part of our website solely focused on providing access to information and downloads.