Inuktitut Syllabic Fonts - Download

The following provides reliable information on where to find and download Inuktitut Syllabic fonts. As a special note to users of Microsoft Windows Vista or Mac OS X - you already have at least one Syllabic font "Euphemia" available on your computer. For other users, please read more for download information...

Inuktitut Syllabic Fonts (Unicode based): 

Euphemia: The Euphemia font is a replacement for the original "Pigiarniq" font developed by Tiro Typeworks in 2001. It contains Regular, Bold and Italic styles. Euphemia provides support for all Inuktitut syllabic characters as well as Cree orthographies and the historical Carrier/Dakelh script (dulkw'ahke). Euphemia was licensed by the Microsoft Corporation and by Apple and are provided with Windows Vista and Mac OS X. New versions of Euphemia (and additional information) can be downloaded from the Tiro Typeworks website:


ᐱᓄᐊᕐᓂᖅ | Pigiarniq: The Pigiarniq fonts were created as a joint project of the Government of Nunavut, the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut and Nunavut Tunngavik, Inc. These fonts were the first Unicode syllabic fonts to be standardized and used by the Government of Nunavut. They were developed by Ross Mills of Tiro Typeworks in 2001. Pigiarniq contains Regular, Bold, Italic, Heavy and Light styles. The current release 27.vii.2002 is available from the Tiro website. Pigiarniq (and Euphemia) are excellent fonts for general publishing and online. They are highly readable and useable at low point sizes.


ᐅᖃᒻᒪᖅ | Uqammaq: The Uqammaq fonts were also created as a joint project of the Government of Nunavut, the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut and Nunavut Tunngavik, Inc. The simultaneous creation of this font was to show users that new opportunities existed for Inuktitut text. It is an innovative alternative for Inuktitut writing. Uqammaq was developed by Ross Mills of Tiro Typeworks and release 27.vii.2002 is available for free download.


Other Unicode Syllabic Fonts:

Tiro Typeworks continues to be an innovator in Inuktitut font development - recent fonts have included a custom 'Brush" style syllabic font (used in the titling of Pirurvik's book "Surusiqsiutit Inngiutit"). A full version of this font will likely be made available by Tiro at a later date. 

Other fonts have been created in the past 8 years - these include Ballymun RO, AiPaiNutaaq, and a number Cree and Ojibwe syllabic fonts that also support Inuktitut. These fonts are not listed here, but can be found online through various websites. 

Legacy Syllabic Fonts - Non-Unicode:

Pirurvik encourages all users to make use of Unicode based syllabic fonts; however, if for some reason you still need to access a legacy font the best choice is the Nunacom font developed by Nortext. Other frequently used options include Prosyl and Naamajut.