How to use Inuktitut Keyboards

The following information applies to the new “Inuktitut Naqittaut” keyboard layout developed for use with Unicode Syllabic fonts such as Pigiarniq, Uqammaq or Euphemia. It is included in the Windows Vista operating system and can be installed for use in Windows XP. A variant called “Inuktitut - Nunavut” is also available for use in the Mac OS X operating system.

What’s New or Different?
The actual syllabic key layout of this keyboard is virtually identical to previous syllabic keyboards.

The key differences are:

  • The "Caps Lock" key is used as a switch between a roman & syllabic keyboard layout
  • Long sounds can be input in two ways
    - Pressing and holding the “Right Alt” key at the same time as your character
    - Pressing the "]" key (deadkey) followed by your desired character
  • An Inuktitut “Locale” is available > this replaces the need to use English or Indonesian
  • The roman characters for ŋ and ł are directly accessible on the keyboard

The Keyboard Layout: 

The Inuktitut Naqittaut keyboard is almost identical to previous keyboard layouts. The main difference is in how the long sounds are accessed. Otherwise, the key placements should be quite familiar to anyone who already types. For those who are not familiar with the layout screenshots are available in the "Naqittaut-Layout.pdf" file below.

Installing the keyboard in Windows XP:

Users of Windows XP have to install the keyboard program as an add-on. The installation file is attached below as: "".


Download the Inuktitut Keyboard (filename:

  • Click on the file once you have downloaded it (Open the file)
  • Click on the inuq-naqi.msi file. A message should appear when the keyboard has been successfully installed
  • *Pre-install the Inuktitut locale update provided by Microsoft. Available from:
  • Open Regional Language Options in Control Panel.
  • On the Languages tab, under Text Services and Input Languages, click Details.
  • Under Default input language, select Inuktitut (Latin, Canada)1 or English Canada
  • Click OK.

Under “Installed Services” select “Add”

  • Next, set the Input Language to “Inuktitut Latin”
  • Click OK (Naammattuq)
  • The Inuktitut (latin) keyboard can now be selected on the bottom right of your screen. (Note Vista users will have a syllabic option as well as latin)

*Note: users need to install the Windows update (July 24, 2006) to access the Inuktitut locale.

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