Inuktitut Locale - Inuktitut's home on the computer

For a language to be truly 'supported' on a computer system it must have a 'locale'. This is the where core information relating to the language is contained. This may include calendars, date formats, currency, measurements, keyboards, fonts and more. Inuktitut now has locale support on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Windows XP Inuktitut Latin Locale. "IU" + Inuktitut date (note "Pigiarli" as a result of the Windows XP LIP install)

Download the Locale from:  or

Inuktitut Start Menu Win XP with Locale

Windows Vista

Windows Vista provides Inuktitut locales both in Latin and in Syllabics. It also provides a syllabic keyboard layout and the syllabic font "Euphemia". These are part of the system itself an no additional downloads are required.

Since the release of Vista, some errors were found in the Inuktitut syllabic version of the locale. These have been corrected and an update file is available for download on this page. It corrects the spelling mistakes in the date names 

Windows-Vista-Inuktitut-Syllabic-Locale-Update.msi678 KB