Music has been and continues to be a vital part of Inuit culture. With our partners at Leopard Frog Music, Pirurvik supports and promotes Inuktitut musical productions.

Our first production "Inuttaqalauqpuq" has been very well received and some of its tracks are still regular requests on CBC North. 


Inuttaqalauqpuq (CD)

new CD sleeve

Inuttaqalauqpuq is Leena Evic's popular collection of children's songs that has been welcomed into the homes of many Inuit and non-Inuit alike. It features mixture of traditional Inuit songs and Inuktut adaptations of English language classics. With the accompanying song book, Inuttaqalauqpuq is an excellent way to enjoy and learn the Inuit language.  Available through and in Iqaluit at Malikkaat (buiding 611).  $20.