Terminology Development

Pirurvik is frequently called upon to host terminology workshops as part of overall efforts to expand the use of the Inuit language into such diverse areas as mining, conservation management and information technology. Most terminology workshops bring together translators and other language professionals who look for the best way to express an English concept using the Inuit language. 

The Pirurvik Centre also takes on another 'terminology development' process, one that puts the Inuktitut language first. With the passing of each Elder, concerns grow about the loss of advanced Inuktitut vocabulary that has disappeared from daily use. Today’s unilingual Elders use many terms that are only vaguely understood by younger generations. Without quick work to document these terms, there is a high risk that their rich and detailed meanings will be lost forever. The value of traditional terms goes beyond their contribution to Inuit heritage. They are also
part of the inventory of the Inuit language and could potentially be applied to modern concepts
and situations where Inuktitut terminology is lacking

As an organization that is dedicated to promoting and strengthening Inuit language and culture, Pirurvik dedicates significant time and resources to questions involving terminology. This part of our website provides access to many of the terms - both traditional and modern that we have worked on over the years.