A World of Inuktut Learning

Pirurvik’s programs are designed around the needs of learners from beginner to the highest levels of Inuit language and cultural knowledge. We are continuing to develop these programs with the ultimate goal of becoming a full-time, accredited centre of learning.


Foundations Program

Inuktut Second Language For Non-inuit

For those who are from outside Inuit culture, Pirurvik currently offers up to five courses to build a solid foundation in Inuktut speaking and writing. The foundations program is also supported by the www.tusaalanga.ca website.

Aunniarvik Program

Inuktut Second Language
for Inuit

Aunniarvik is a revitalization program for Inuit who have grown up using English as their main language. The courses create a supportive environment to develop language skills and a path towards functional Inuktut fluency.


Qimattuvik Program

Inuktut First Language Speakers

Pirurvik’s Qimattuvik program equips Inuktut First Language speakers to be able to work more effectively and with greater confidence in their mother tongue. We focus on supporting the learner to gain Inuktut skills in writing, modern and traditional terminology, computing, dialects, Inuit cultural history and more.


Highly fluent Inuktut First Language Speakers

Ingalangaittukuurvik is a program dedicated to the teaching and learning of the highest levels of Inuit wisdom. The program brings together Elder professors with mature Inuktut speakers to explore advanced Inuktut knowledge to prepare the next generation of Inuit knowledge keepers.