About us

Pirurvik is an Inuit-owned centre of learning based in Nunavut’s capital, Iqaluit. We are dedicated to Inuit wellbeing through investing in our language and culture.

Like many creative ventures, Pirurvik began with a vision and a dream. The dream involved the establishment of a new kind of centre for Inuit –  a holistic space where Inuit language, cultural expression and wellbeing would be fully integrated.

Leenas_dream_1997_ok3-Sspace 2.jpg

The dream began its implementation in 2004 to be:

  • a place of personal growth and development

  • creative, expressive and inspirational

  • about harmony, beauty, serenity

  • expansive in thought and operate at a high level

  • of soulful purpose, reflecting the best of our Inuit People.

    Since 2004, we have been working steadily towards establishing a full-time, accredited and formally recognized centre of Inuktut higher learning.