ᐃᖓᓚᖓᐃᑦᑐᑰᕐᕕᒃ Ingalangaittukuurvik

Ingalangaittukuurvik is a program dedicated to the teaching and learning of the highest levels of Inuit wisdom. The program brings together Elder professors with mature Inuktut speakers to explore advanced Inuktut terminology and knowledge that is at risk of disappearing.

Knowledge is shared and documented either through lectures led by Elder professors with expertise on certain topics, or through independent research where the students play a more active role.

The term ingalangaittuq refers to a high elevation, such as a mountain top. When you stand on ingalangaittuq, you experience the vastness of the skies. You can see everything around you far into the distance. That is the metaphor for this program as we attempt to bring Inuit wisdom into the hearts of Inuit generations of today and tomorrow.
Length of Course:  Variable
Delivery Format: Lectures by Inuit Professors accompanied by research conducted by students
Pre-requisites: Ability to demonstrate a high level of Inuktut fluency.



Elders’ Terminology

The Inuit language features complex terminology in areas such as environmental knowledge, justice, community relations and human health, although many terms have disappeared from daily use. With efforts underway in Nunavut to advance the use of Inuktut in the workplace, there is a strong need for advanced Inuit terminology in these and other fields. This course will enable you to understand and use advanced Inuktut terminology with greater confidence.